The Self makeup class was designed for those women who want to take a step ahead on their makeup skills and learn the easiest, correct and most efficient way to enhance their beauty on their daily basis, fitting into their schedule and needs.

The class covers the “before and after makeup” skin care, the best product/tools available and how to use/choose them and two “signature looks” (personalized) composition, being one a “day look” and other for a more sophisticated event. The Class is taught in the IseM Makeup Studio located in Irvine, CA.

All materials used in the course are from Top Brands and all attendees will receive a great Makeup Kit as part of the package.The course duration are 3 hours and can be done individually or in group (maximum of 4 people).

Free makeup classes for any woman under cancer treatment. Contact Us..

Learn how to...

Choose the right products for you

Use brushes and other tools

Apply products correctly

Prepare and protect your skin before makeup

Completely remove makeup with no damage for your skin

Do a quick, easy and beautiful everyday makeup look

Do a fabulous glam makeup look


The makeup kit contains

– Morphe eyeshadow palette with 35 of the most useful colors to compose innumerous incredible eyes’ look. 

– NYX contour and highlighter palette with ‘halo” tones, under eyes setting powders (including “banana”) and highlighters.

– Set of 15 professional vegan Morphe brushes, good to be used with powders and cream/liquids products.

– Makeup organizer bag